Kart Master

Be The Speed

Pedal Extenders

to fit Tony Kart  / OTK

15mm O.D. Pedals

Premium Aluminum.

CNC'd to Perfection..

90mm Wide Face

Four extension settings;

73mm / 2.9 inch

54mm / 2.1 inch

35mm / 1.4 inch

15mm / .6 inch

6 Set Screws per Extender:

3 on Top + 3 on Bottom

Super Secure!

Four 14mm-to-15mm Shims

are  included to allow use of

Pedal Extenders on "Non-OTK 14mm Pedals"

Pedal Extenders grow with the driver

and can follow driver from kart to kart,

no matter the pedal size.

89.99usd  for the set